When it comes to building design, architects and interior designers need to be able to market their designs and ideas in the most unique and creative way to create an impression among scores of building designers in a highly competitive industry…

Effective communication

While communication remains the most important element of marketing, designers can optimise their marketing communication by making use of architectural visualisation to create an innovative as well as fully comprehensive presentation.

It is crucial to present and communicate your designs and ideas effectively for potential investors to gain a thorough understanding of the design, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding investment. The better you are able to market your project, the higher your chances are for attracting the right investors because clients will be able to fully understand what outcomes they can expect.

Bring your designs to life

What better way to market your project effectively than by using architectural visualisation? With 3D modelling software, architects and designers are able to create a photo-realistic visualisation of any project with realistic and impressive representations of lighting, furnishings, ventilations, walls, flooring, etc.

Architectural visualisation allows you to save valuable resources such as time and money by presenting ideas and designs before the construction process starts and even for the duration of the project, making sure that clients and investors stay updated with all the details.

Clients and investors prefer 3D visualisations to floor plan drafts and photography, because it enables them to create a tangible sense of the project and what they are about to invest in.
In addition to helping individuals in the architectural industry create concepts and designs on an impressive scale, using architectural innovation can benefit your marketing strategy in the following ways:

  • Virtual representation
  • 3D visualisation offers clients detailed and clear representations of every element and feature of the project, allowing them to ‘see’ the project before completion. This instills client confidence and shows the company possesses the necessary expertise to meet expectations.

  • Flexible rendering
  • Architects and designers have flexible use of rendered models and can use them as visuals, snapshots and walkthroughs in marketing presentations.

  • Cost-effective concepts
  • 3D visualisation eliminates expenses associated with typical projects and allows for instant adjustments. Well-rendered model representations are more economical and efficient.

  • A far-reaching campaign
  • 3D architectural designs can be used across all advertising mediums, from brochures and billboards to interactive marketing programmes. This enables you to create impressive visuals for your advertising as well as decreases expenses.

  • Client interaction
  • When clients request alterations to the design, it can be easily implemented on the 3D visualisations and then presented to the client again. This ensures that the overall design is satisfactory to the client and is updated and complete before the construction of the project.

Choose the right software

It is crucial to use software that will help you create realistic renderings and a virtual experience for the client or investor. The Autodesk Building Design Suite is high-end and intuitive 3D modelling software that provides easy-to-use presentation and design tools for architects, designers, engineers and marketing professionals.

It also allows you to create an all-encompassing experience for your client by giving them a walk-through of the building model.

To download a free trial of this architectural visualisation software, click here.