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Software piracy – the illegal copying of software programs – is a crime no different from shoplifting software from store shelves.

WorldsView Technologies Compliance is here to help you understand software licensing and how piracy has negative impacts on us all. From this site, you can report incidents of software piracy, and educate yourself on how we define licence compliance.Autodesk is a founding member of the Business Software Alliance (BSA) and is passionate about educating and empowering its customers to fully comprehend the impacts of software piracy. From this site, you can learn about these issues as well as report an incidents of software piracy.

Understanding End User License Agreements are not for everyone – that’s why WorldsView Technologies Compliance is geared to help you understand what is legal and what isn’t in terms of the usage of your investment.

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Email to report piracy. Please divulge as much information as possible.