Compliance Questions

If your hardware provider purchased an operating system for you, loaded, authorised and registered it to you – it’s legal. However, if your hardware provider’s software was loaded on to your machine – it’s illegal. Autodesk software is very specialised and it is unlikely that you would have asked your hardware supplier to purchase and load it onto your PC. Be suspicious if you get a new PC with Autodesk software on it. There’s a good chance that it’s illegal.

There are several ways to verify the authenticity of your software.

  1. Check to whom your software is registered. Press Help > About AutoCAD (or the name of your software). You will immediately see to whom the software is licensed and the product ID number.
  2. However, if the serial number is 112-11 11 11 11, 123-45678900 or 000-00000000, it is illegal.
  3. The foolproof way of checking the authenticity of your software is to call the Autodesk distributor, WorldsView Technologies, on (011) 805-1555 and check your serial number against those listed on the distributor database.

In South Africa, Autodesk sells its software through a channel of authorised resellers. These resellers display authorised Autodesk reseller logos on signage and documentation. Their names are listed here and also on the Autodesk website – If you are in doubt about the legitimacy of your reseller, contact Shareen Rhone  on (011) 805-1555 for verification.

As per the Autodesk End User License Agreement, ownership of software isn’t transferable. It can only be used by the person/company to whom it is registered. Someone can’t sell you second-hand software. For example, companies that sell old computers to their staff should remove all software from the machines. According to the regulations, the new owners should purchase and install their own software.

Autodesk’s sub-Sahara Africa distributor, WorldsView Technologies, has established a unit to flush out users of unlicensed software. You can report illegal use of software anonymously to the team – simply email:, or select the “Report Illegal User” option on the menu. An investigative team from WorldsView Technologies will initiate communication with suspected illegal software users, giving them the opportunity to either refute the allegations or legalise their software. Companies that fail to respond to the unit’s communications are handed over to the legal authorities.

Many illegal users believe they are doing nothing wrong, but using illegal software is theft. If you believe it’s wrong to steal, then don’t use illegal software. The Business Software Alliance (BSA) and software developers in South Africa are committed to rooting out unlicensed software users. To date, we have legalized numerous companies across the continent and our work continues to gain momentum.

Software over-use is illegal. When you purchase a licence, it is for one specific user only. This is even applicable to Network Licenses.

Yes, as long as you are the only user. You would have a ‘floating’ licence, which would give you, and only you, access to one of your machines at a time. For more information about the “PLU” or Portable License Utility, click here. (Hyper link to Autodesk Website) See Attached

Predominantly because using illegal software is theft. If you believe that theft is wrong then don’t use illegal software Also the costs of using unauthorised software are greater than you imagine. Firstly, you don’t have access to Autodesk support and backup, which seriously hampers your productivity if your system goes down. Secondly, a corrupt file in the software you loaded on your machine/machines puts the integrity of your data at serious risk. The legal costs and bad publicity you’ll incur when you are caught outweigh the initial cost of the software.

However, legal users who audit and monitor their software, have 24/7 access to Autodesk technical support, ensuring that productivity is never impeded.

Autodesk software is licensed for specific regions. (America, EMEA, Asia-Pacific). It is illegal to use software purchased in another region. Therefore software that is going to be used in Africa must be purchased from an African authorised Autodesk reseller. This is why e-stores will not allow users outside of the USA to purchase the software.

In cases where a company is transferring an office to another region, ‘country transfer’ licences can be purchased, legalising your licence in the country of transfer. Click here to contact your Autodesk Channel Partner to “transfer you licence”  (Maybe put licence transfer documents as a download for the users?).