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The current industry 4.0 trend means that automation, data exchange, collaborative workflows and converging technologies are vital to coping with the significant infrastructure and developmental challenges across Africa.

By offering converged workflow solutions, provided by the powerful global brands we represent across multiple segments in Africa, Worldsview Technologies enables growth for our vendors, channel partners and end-user customers in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Future of Making (FOM) space.

Worldview Technologies proudly represents Autodesk, ESRI and Topcon across Africa.


Brands We Represent



Autodesk is the global leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Customers across the manufacturing, architecture, building, construction and media & entertainment industries use Autodesk software to design, visualise and simulate their ideas before they’re even built or created. From Blockbuster visual effects and buildings that create their own energy to electric cars and the batteries that power them, Autodesk software is really everywhere you look.


Esri are the global market leader in GIS, helping customers get results since 1969. Esri was founded to help solve some of the world’s most difficult problems. Esri do so by supporting their users’ important work with a commitment to science, sustainability, community, education, research, and positive change. With 49 offices worldwide and employees from 73 countries, Esri is a global company. Locally-owned software companies across the world have decades of regional experience and deep expertise in local issues. 11 dedicated research centres are at the leading edge of global innovation.


Topcon operates in three segments, the Positioning Business, which uses high-precision GNSS positing technology to achieve the automation of civil engineering construction and farming, the Smart Infrastructure Business, which applies the surveying technology they have developed since their founding in the fields of infrastructure development and structural maintenance and management, and the Eye Care Business, which offers advanced solutions in the field of ophthalmology.


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With a footprint of more than 54 countries across the African continent, Worldsview Technologies is the largest African authorised distributor of powerful global brands such as Autodesk, ESRI and Topcon.

Market making is our business, and by offering converged workflow solutions across multiple segments, and a substantial customer base, Worldsview Technologies is perfectly positioned to create efficiency and profit for our vendors in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Future of Making (FOM) technology space.


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