Important Autodesk Licence Administration Changes

Autodesk licence administration changes

How Contract Managers can avoid downtime through pre-emptive licence administration
Posted Date: October, 2019

Autodesk are in the process of migrating their account management to the "New View". Contract Managers need to assign products to end users to avoid downtime.

Instructions on how to add/remove users, and assign/ unassign products from the new Autodesk Portal view, are published online on the Autodesk Knowledge Network via the"How To" link, and an instructional video (less than 3 minutes) can viewed by clicking "watch video". In addition you may click here to watch the recording from last A&R Team session with Abu and the Adoption & Renewals Team

Autodesk are making licence administration easier, through a Single Sign-on (SSO) to access all Autodesk services. This includes product activation, which is moving to a sign in method, and no longer a serial number method.

Contract Managers are being migrated to the New View portal to manage their Autodesk products, services and end users. From here, they can assign a Secondary Administrator (Software Coordinator), and they can then assign products to end users, setting their permissions which includes the ability to download products, request support and more. End users are then invited via email to activate their own Autodesk accounts and setting a password.

If you still have questions or wish to assist your customers, sign up for the next Autodesk webinar "Webinar: Up & Ready - Troubleshooting Single User Licensing in Versions 2020". The target audience for the series of webinars, is both end users and Channel Partners

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