Topcon Mining Solution

Topcon Mining Solution

Manage costs, increase efficiency

Mining — it’s all about minerals, assets and hauling. Topcon solutions give you the tools to be more productive, making it easier to control your resources, machines and schedules.

Mass Data Collection

Stockpiles represent the flow of the mine's minerals. A fast, accurate workflow to understand stockpile volumes and locations means better planning and costing. Typical methods to get this data is getting surveyors out to map them out. Mass Data Collection provides the same information and more in a very quick and safe way. Alternating or combining these technologies, depending on needs and circumstances, provides detailed accuracy over large surface areas. Mapping image information onto point data makes the results easy to access.


No more manual records of load counts. Track the progress of every haul, and keep everyone on the job in synch – excavators, trucks and personnel. This cloud-based solution relies on a portable control box that mounts in the cab. As the truck is loaded, on route, or dumping material, activity data is stored in a central location for easy online access. The excavator system features a machine control system to assist the operator with guidance about where and how deep to dig.


Spend minimal time on site, perform simple installations and collect real time data with Topcon's RAPID™ Automated Deformation Monitoring System (ADMS). By incorporating the functionality of the Topcon MS AX II series robotic total station, Topcon designed a complete monitoring package appropriate for projects including construction, tunnel convergence, mining, dams and asset management. The ADMS is a revolutionary tool that is easy to install and manage.

Be ready to scale

We want to see you grow. Our mining solutions let you take on more machines in the same management environment and give you onsite visibility right from the office. Topcon technology is your ticket to mining productivity, and we’re here to help you make the most of it.